Airfresh Clean Connect 500 air purifier replacement filter

Product No.:68107

Additional info

Regular changing of the Airfresh Clean Connect 500 air purifier filter ensures optimal air quality: The replaceable EPA pre-activated carbon filters are high-quality and collect pollen, dust, bacteria and ultrafine particles greater than 0,3 µm from your room air. Even unpleasant smells and gases are filtered from the air. In order to maintain the high cleaning performance, the filter display indicates that a filter change is required after approximately 4,320 operating hours. It is quick and easy to remove and replace.
  • Replacement filter for the Airfresh Clean Connect 500
  • Three-layer filter system (pre-, EPA and activated carbon filters) removes ≤99.5% of all particles greater than 0,3 µm, as well as smells
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers: The allergy-friendliness of the product has been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • Replacement is only necessary after approx. 4,320 operating hours
  • Quick and simple to remove and put back in