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Quick at hand and always ready to use for a special treat:The high-quality Leifheit Crème Brûlée gift set offers everything you need to flambé desserts, soufflés/casseroles or drinks, to caramelise or produce a lovely crust.The high-quality and elegant flambéing device lies well in the hand and is easy to use.Its adjustable flame allows you to work like a professional and conjures up a crunchy, firm, caramel coating on traditional French Crème Brûlée.The correct moulds are also very important for the success of the thickened delicacy.The height and diameter of the four fire-proof ceramic ramekins included in the set all match perfectly, allowing the cream to set evenly.The flambéing device is filled with 15 ml of gas and can be refilled with any standard butane gas.The ceramic ramekins are dishwasher-safe.Packaged in an attractive gift box.
  • Gift set for preparing Crème-Brûlée
  • Handy flambéing device with adjustable flame
  • Four fire-proof ceramic ramekins
  • Packaged in an attractive gift box


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