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Perfectly prepared meat at the ideal core temperature? No problem: the digital frying & BBQ thermometer from Leifheit makes it possible. With five cooking presets, seven different types of meat can be prepared to individual taste. As the 100 cm long measuring cable is heat resistant up to 380 °C the thermometer can naturally be used for BBQs too. Thanks to the individual temperature specification, it is also ideal for heating chocolate glaze or chocolates when baking. The thermometer will alert you when the selected temperature is reached. The timer function allows for individual setting of the perfect cooking time. The digital frying thermometer is easy and intuitive to use with the illuminated sensor touch display – even in low light. Magnet pins on the back of the device allow you to attach it to the oven easily. The thermometer also has a foldable base so it sits securely on the work surface. Suitable batteries are included in delivery so the digital frying thermometer is ready to use immediately.
  • Perfectly cooked meat thanks to the five cooking presets for seven different types of meat
  • Maximum flexibility through setting the desired temperature
  • Timer function allows for individual setting of the perfect cooking time
  • Extra heat-resistant measuring cable up to 380 °C: ideal for use on the BBQ, in the smoker or oven.
  • Blue-coated sensor touch display for easy operation, even in poor light conditions
  • Temperature alarm when the target temperature has been reached
  • Magnet pins on the back for easy attachment to the oven or BBQ
  • Foldable base for positioning the device on the work surface
  • Batteries included