Standing Dryer Pegasus 120 Solid Comp.MO

Product No.:81721

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The Pegasus 120 Solid Compact fits effortlessly into all standard bathtubs. The two parallel legs are only 44 cm wide. The rounded foot covers made of soft-grip material ensure stability and protect the tub’s surface. Despite its small size, it offers the usual Pegasus drying convenience. Foldaway side wings extend the drying length to 12 metres and, with a height of 93 cm, are suitable for long laundry items. Stable drying bars and stable legs prevent sagging, even with heavy laundry items. When folded, the Pegasus 120 Solid Compact is easy to store. All parts are rustproof. The guarantee period is 5 years.
  • Only 44 cm wide
  • Fits perfectly in standard bathtubs
  • The 93 cm high, side-folding wings enable drying of long laundry items too
  • 12 metres of drying line
  • 5-year guarantee