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Practical household helpers from Leifheit

For those who want to make their daily life at home as easy and convenient as possible, Leifheit's products are the first choice. We have a wide range of high-quality, practical products, which make housework so much easier. Thanks to the innovative household solutions from Leifheit, housework such as ironing, cleaning or cooking are done in no time at all – so you have more time to enjoy the finer things in life.


Innovative, helpful and high quality: The products from Leifheit

Anyone who buys household products from Leifheit, is sure to get high-quality, durable products with innovative features. These help to make the housework a bit easier, save time and ultimately make day-to-day life easier. The broad product range covers all areas of housekeeping and leaves nothing to be desired:


Floor cleaning and care:

From classic mops, to sophisticated cleaning systems with special spinning mechanisms through to innovative steam cleaners or cordless vacuums, Leifheit offers something for everyone. Brooms are just the right thing for quick in-between cleaning of floors.  Anyone who wants to clean and care for sensitive floors such as laminate or parquet wood can buy floor wipers from Leifheit with special covers, which are ideally suited to the requirements of these floors.


Surface cleaning:

Clean windows, mirrors, tiles, etc. without leaving streaks?  No problem with the innovative household helpers from Leifheit. Sparkling results are achieved with the window cleaners and window vacuums in no time.


Cleaning agent and accessories:

Of course we have the right cleaning accessories available too. Quick, convenient cleaning results with particular detergents, extendable handles, and attachments. The house is sparkling clean again in no time at all.


Leifheit Click System:

Many of the Leifheit products are fitted with the proven Click System. This makes it possible to combine the products together. The telescopic handle can be attached to different cleaning heads, for example floor wipers, brooms or window squeegees. This offers the advantage of only needing to purchase one Click System handle that is compatible with other Click System cleaning heads. This ultimately saves money and space.


Professional cleaning devices:

Our product range not only includes a wide range of cleaning solutions for domestic households, but also for professional cleaning. Special cleaning systems assist the daily work of professionals enormously. These can be wringed out easily whilst standing and saves both time and effort.


Drying laundry:

From single-person households to large families, Leifheit offers the right solutions for drying laundry to meet every demand. Wall mounted drying racks are space saving and fit into any space. For those who want to dry a lot of laundry within a limited space, the practical and extra stable Pegasus clothes airer is available for purchase in many different sizes - offering a variety of choices to suit everyone. Large items such bedlinen or towels are dried outdoors on the innovative Leifheit rotary dryers in no time at all.



To make shirts, blouses, etc. free of creases again in no time, there is a wide range of ironing boards and matching accessories available. For those who have to do a lot of ironing, models that support active ironing are the best choice. These save time and effort.


Kitchen utensils:

Leifheit also offers a large selection of ideas for cooking and baking. From kitchen utensils and slicers to baking accessories, there is the right thing for every need. The high-quality and useful products by Leifheit help to organise the kitchen better and make daily work easier.