Tile and bathtub wiper Flexi Pad with telescopic handle 150

Product No.: 41700

Basic features

Handle length
80 - 135 cm
Total length
93 - 150 cm
Wiper cover
Micro duo

Additional info

Tile and bathtub wiper Flexi Pad makes the cleaning of bathroom and shower so easy like it has never been before. Thanks to its enormous flexibility and the high range the Flexi Pad wipes in every corner – without bending over the bathtub or the shower with painful back. With the round gap the wiping surface of Flexi Pad is exactly suitable for the shapes of fixtures and removes unpleasant dirt edges with only less wiping. The 360° rotating joint makes it extremely manoeuvrable. It manages easily bathtub curves and fixtures and wipes thoroughly every corner. For hard to reach areas the telescopic handle is to use. It is extendable from 93 up to 150 cm. After the damp cleaning the Flexi Pad can be turned around. The tiles are polished till they shine with the extraction rim. The cover of the tile and bathtub wiper Flexi Pad is made of the proven Leifheit micro fibre Duo. A number of fine bristles, which stick out a little bit reach even lowered gaps and remove even persistent dirt like scale and the remains of soap without effort. The wiping width is 20 cm.
  • extraction rim and round gap for fixtures
  • extendable telescopic handle with a working length of 93 – 150 cm
  • 360° rotating joint for the cleaning of hard to reach areas
  • wiping width: 20 cm


3 Years Guarantee

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