Rotaro PowerVac 2in1 16V

Product No.: 11927

Basic features

up to 35 minutes
Suitable for floor types
tiles Wooden floors Short pile carpets
Various attachments
Furniture brush Attachable nozzle
Rechargeable battery
16 V lithium-ion battery

Using & Features


Two devices in one

The Rotaro PowerVac 2in1 16V is a versatile upright cordless vacuum cleaner and detachable cordless handheld vacuum cleaner in one.


Flat-angling nozzle

The cordless upright vacuum cleaner makes it easy to vacuum even under hard-to-reach areas.


BristlePro Technology

The electric floor nozzle with BristlePro technology ensures thorough cleaning of all types of floors.


Bagless Cyclone Technology

The bagless cyclone technology enables powerful suction and saves on the expensive cost of repurchasing bags.

Additional info

Is it possible to vacuum the hallway, kitchen and dining room without the hassle of changing plugs? With the Cordless Rotaro PowerVac 2in1 16V by Leifheit you can do just that. The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner guarantees flexible and quick hoovering without a restriction in distance. Especially practical that it is a 2in1 device. The Rotaro PowerVac 2in1 16V is therefore, on the whole, more versatile in its use. The electric floor nozzle’s dense bristle bundles with BristlePro technology are particularly reliable in the removal of dirt from all types of floors. The detachable cordless handset comes with handy brush heads. They help to clean within small and narrow spaces, for example, between the sofa cushions or on more sensitive surfaces. The cordless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology generates a powerful suction and as a bagless design, it removes the need for expensive bag repurchasing. Thanks to the EPA filter system, the air intake is cleaned, separated from dust, and then released clean. To clean the filter, you simply wash it out under running water. The Cordless Rotaro PowerVac Vacuum Cleaner 2in1 16V has two power levels: eco and turbo mode. The durable 16 V lithium ion battery guarantees a running time of up to 35 minutes. To detect dirt in dark corners or under furniture, the device is equipped with four LEDs on the front. In addition, it can lie flat to reach under furniture and more difficult areas After use, the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can be placed back on its docking charging station. It can be recharged and is then always ready for use.
  • Versatile 2in1 device made up of a cordless vacuum cleaner and removable, handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Quick and flexible vacuuming without the restriction of distance being limited by the power cord.
  • Bagless cyclonic technology generates powerful suction and saves on the expensive cost of repurchasing bags
  • Efficient EPA filter system removes dust from the vacuumed air
  • Long-life 16 V lithium ion battery with up to 35 minutes running time
  • Electric floor nozzle with BristlePro technology for deep cleaning of all floor types
  • Two different performance levels: turbo and eco mode
  • Four front LEDs make dirt visible in dark corners and under furniture
  • Simple vacuuming in hard-to-reach areas thanks to flat-angling of the nozzle
  • Includes two practical attachments for the handheld vacuum: joint and furniture brush
  • Docking station for quick re-charging in order for it to always be ready to use
  • Long filter life thanks to simple and easy cleaning under running water

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