Sweeper set with handle and open dust pan

Product No.: 41404

Basic features

Overall length including handle
90 cm
Suitable for
Hard floors

Additional info

Sweep without bending down. The Leifheit Sweeping Set is the perfect duo for simplifying sweeping jobs. The broom and sweeping shovel come with a long handle so that you can do all your sweeping standing up. The split bristle ends ensure especially thorough cleanliness. They increase the sweeping surface and pick up even the finest dirt and dust particles. Then there's the asymmetric broom design. It is tailored to the sweeping mount so that all bristles make full contact even when you hold the handle at an angle. The shovel is equipped with an extra long rubber lip - an extra plus that makes sweeping up on uneven surfaces much easier. For space-saving storage, the broom is secured to the shovel handle and the shovel simply folds up. With scraper edge for cleaning the broom.
  • Split bristle ends for best sweeping results
  • Asymmetric broom design that matches the sweeping angle
  • Shovel with extra long rubber lip for secure support
  • Space-saving shovel folding function
  • Scraper edge for cleaning bristles
  • With integrated broom mount and eyelet for hanging