Duster XL

Product No.:41520

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Remove dust extremely easily

The XL duster is a duster with a super-thick, soft microfibres, which mould to every surface, and attract and hold the dust.

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Additional info

Dust-free in a few seconds: for Duster XL a child’s play, because it absorbs even finest dust like a magnet. The anti-static, super-tight micro fibres absorb dust and prevent dust particles from whirling up and settling on another place. The stroke-soft fibres glide into every crack and unevenness. They clean houseplants reliable from dust as well as bookshelves and Venetian blinds. Over extremely sensitive surfaces like computer and television screens Duster XL glides softly and carefully. Duster XL has an extra large cleaning surface of 38 cm, which is ideal for the cleaning of large and smooth surfaces like tables or screens. The handle enables the use of the Leifheit Click-System with telescopic function for the use of the Duster even in distant corners. With hanging loop for practical storing.
  • Super-tight microfibres absorb dust and retain it like a magnet
  • Ultra-soft fibres are suitable for use on every surface
  • XL-dusting length of 38 cm for easier cleaning of larger surfaces and high areas
  • The click joint makes it compatible with all Leifheit Click-System handles for cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Cleaning information: Wash by hand under running water, rinse well if soap is used. Do not use fabric conditioner