Foil cutter Perfect Cut

Product No.: 23051

Basic features

33.5 cm
Suitable for
Foil and cling film

Additional info

The end of foil ends that stick together and are torn off carelessly: the movable foil cutter Perfect Cut from Leifheit cuts cling films neat and smooth – there, where the foil is needed. The unique foil cutter, which is suitable for the new width of cling films of 33 cm, offers perfect ease of operation: simply pull out the foil to the desired length, cover plates and bowls and tighten it. Close the lid and the tightened foil is cut neatly – thanks to the special polished cutting blades in the inside of the easy to handle casing. The replacing of the foils can be done very quickly. Simply open it with the comfortable mechanism put the foil in and close it. Also suitable for tin foil. Maximum roll width 33,5 cm.
  • movable easy to handle foil cutter, which cuts the foil there, where it is needed
  • with special polished cutting blade
  • unique foil cutter, which is suitable for the new roll width of 33 m
  • maximum roll width 33,5 cm


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