Wide mouth jars 235 ml

Product No.: 03178

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235 ml

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lWhether as a loving gift, for releasing desserts or as a perfect storage container for homemade jams: Leifheit Glass Moulds are just as attractive as they are versatile. The continuous straight shape without a narrow opening simplifies the job of filling the glasses without a mess as well as emptying them completely, as the glass has no cumbersome corners and angles.Leifheit Glass Moulds are suitable for jams and jellies, for patés, puddings or for popular gift ideas like “cake in a jar”. Includes an attractively designed screw lid, with ample space for uniform labelling. Available in two sizes.anger text E
  • Straight glass mould without narrow opening
  • Suitable for releasing and storage
  • Easy to empty completely
  • Screw lid with space for labelling