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Even the first cut shows the difference: the razor-sharp blades of the Leifheit vegetable grater cut the cutting goods actually – instead of tearing it like conventional graters do. The consequence: the aromas remain; the taste develops while eating and not while cutting. Grating is perceptible easier. Citrus fruits, nuts, garlic, nutmeg or onions can be cut perfectly with minimum effort for years. The grating surface does not loose it sharpness even after many times of using. Soft plastic inserts enable the safe stability of the grater while working. The whole grating surface is vaulted to the inside to prevent the cutting goods from slipping while grating. Dishwasher-safe.
  • extremely sharp and durable grating surface for the precise cutting of citrus fruits, nuts, garlic, nutmeg or onions
  • the food is cut and not torn: the aromas remain
  • the grating surface is vaulted to the inside to prevent the slipping of the cutting goods
  • dishwasher-safe


5 Years Guarantee

Leifheit AG guarantees 5 years guarantee to this product from receipt of the product without limiting your legal rights. Complaints under the guarantee must be reported immediately after discovering the defect in the product. You'll find more informtion for the scope and limitations of the warranty here: Warranty terms.

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