Ironing Board Air Board Express M Solid Palm Leaf

Product No.: 72697

Basic features

Dimensions folded up
154 x 49 x 8,4 cm
Ironing surface
M 120 x 38 cm
Adjustable height
76 - 100 cm

Using & Features


Easy to fold down

The ironing board can be easily folded using a lever on the underside of the ironing surface.


Easy to manouvre

Thanks to the ironing surface made of special plastic with a size of 120 x 38 cm, the Leifheit ironing board is ultra-light and can be carried easily with one hand. It is also simple to set up and take down.



Thanks to its height adjustability from 76 to 100 cm, the ironing board can be set to an optimal working height.


Safe iron holder

The Leifheit ironing board has a fixed steam station shelf (26 x 37 cm) made of metal including a clothes hanger holder and cable holder, which ensures safe positioning of the steam ironing station and conventional irons.

Additional info

Ultra-light, stable and ideal for use as a steaming station. The Leifheit Air Board Express M Solid Leaf has everything a modern ironing board needs. It is lighter than any expanded metal ironing board, but completely stable, and has an ironing surface with a cover made from pure perforated cotton. The cover lets the steam from the iron through and ensures optimum moisture absorption. Setting up and putting away the Air Board Express M Solid Leaf is simple with the ironing surface that’s made with an ultra-light special plastic. The 120 x 38cm ironing surface rests on a 35mm thick, completely stable tubular frame. It can be raised to a height of 100 cm, adjusting to suit all heights and working levels. The ironing board has a solid steam station tray made of metal fitting all commonly used types of steam station with a secure rest for conventional irons. Shirts or jackets can be hung on the clothes hanger holder on the tray after ironing. It includes a cable holder to stop power cables getting in the way of your ironing. With ironing board cover featuring a fashionable palm design.
  • Ideal for steam stations thanks to the steam permeable cover made of perforated cotton
  • Ultra-light ironing surface (120 x 38 cm) made with special plastic for easy opening and closing of the board
  • Height adjustable to ensure the best working height that is comfortable and kind to the back (between 76 to 100 cm)
  • Fixed tray for steam stations (26 x 37 cm) including clothes hanger holder and cable holder
  • Stands securely thanks to the stable frame with flexible mechanism to compensate for uneven floors
  • Transport lock for easy carrying and space-saving storage
  • Suitable for irons and all standard steam stations



5 Years Guarantee

Leifheit AG guarantees 5 years guarantee to this product from receipt of the product without limiting your legal rights. Complaints under the guarantee must be reported immediately after discovering the defect in the product. You'll find more information for the scope and limitations of the warranty here: Warranty conditions.

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