Ironing Board Air Board Solid M Plus

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Would you like to save time ironing and still end up with perfectly ironed shirts and blouses? That's a trick that's easy to pull off with an ironing board that has everything a modern ironing board could possibly need. The Leifheit Air Board Solid M Plus is lighter than any mesh-top ironing board at the same time as being completely stable and safe, and it has an ironing surface that helps you iron. A special cover with heat reflecting technology reflects the steam and heat from the iron, instead of letting it escape through the surface of the board. This means you get a double-sided ironing effect, so the washing is ironed from top and bottom at the same time, reducing ironing time by up to a third and making your ironing noticeably smoother. Another benefit: the shoulder-fit feature is perfect for ironing shirts and blouses. And to make it easy to put the board up and take it down again, the Air Board Solid M Plus has an ironing surface made from a special ultralight plastic. The 120 x 38 cm ironing surface is supported by a 35 mm thick, extremely stable tubular frame. It can be adjusted to a height of 98 cm to allow the working height to be adjusted to the height of the user. The ironing board features a fixed iron rest, as well as a socket and cable holder to prevent the lead getting in the way during ironing. This ironing board with Thermo-Reflect technology has been specially designed for use with standard irons and steam irons. Leifheit recommends its AirStream range of ironing tables for use with steam ironing stations. Leifheit offers a five year warranty.
  • Special cover with Thermo Reflect technology for double-sided ironing
  • Reduces ironing time and improves ironing results
  • Ultra-light ironing surface made from special plastic, measuring 120 x 38 cm
  • Shoulder-fit end for shirt and blouse ironing
  • Fixed iron rest with socket and cable holder
  • Height adjustable up to 98cm
  • Stable frame with transport lock and flexible mechanism to compensate for uneven floors
  • Suitable for conventional irons and steam irons
  • 5 year guarantee

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