Food mill ProLine

Product No.: 23050

Basic features

20 cm
3 inserts
2 mm<w />3 mm<w />8 mm

Additional info

A helper, which will become quickly essential: the Leifheit food mill. In a flash vegetable soups and sauces will become marvellous creamy. Tomatoes can easily be puréed with a few simple touches and mashed potatoes are ready in no time. Also oneself can do the vegetable and fruit mash for babies from now on. In autumn the Leifheit food mill will be in continuous use: it is not only able to purée, it separates stones and peels from the purée and is perfectly suitable for the production of jam and compote. Three inserts for straining are inclusive: fine (2mm), medium (3mm) and coarse (8mm), for every purpose the right thing. With a diameter of 20cm the food mill is suitable for all pots up to 28cm. The mill is made of high quality stainless steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • stainless steel food mill for the staining of fruits, vegetables, soups, sauces and baby food
  • ideal for jam, compote, spaetzle and mashed potatoes
  • three inserts for straining inclusive: fine (2mm), medium (3mm) and coarse (8mm)

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