Garlic press Knobi-King

Product No.: 03146

Basic features

under running water
To press
Stainless steel and plastic
Dishwasher safe

Using & Features


Cut garlic instead of crushing it

Thanks to the punched perforated plate of the garlic cutter, the garlic is not crushed but finely diced


Easy use of the garlic roller

The practical design of the garlic roller makes it easy to scrape off the freshly cut garlic


Quick cleaning of the garlic press

The stainless steel garlic masher is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned quickly and easily in the dishwasher.


Modern design and innovative functionality

The round garlic press from Leifheit is made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic, which is comfortable to hold.

Additional info

The Leifheit garlic king is a must for all garlic fans. The new kitchen aid works easily and quickly and produces a result like having cut the gloves into cubes by hand accurately. The glove is not crushed by the garlic king, but cut. A pressure with the well-shaped device is enough. The garlic glove is cut into smallest cubes by the exactly punch. After the successful use the easy to handle device is cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • new kitchen aid for the chopping of garlic
  • easy and quick as a garlic press, accurate as diced by hand
  • garlic is not crushed but cut
  • dishwasher-proof


5 Years Guarantee

Leifheit AG guarantees 5 years guarantee to this product from receipt of the product without limiting your legal rights. Complaints under the guarantee must be reported immediately after discovering the defect in the product. You'll find more information for the scope and limitations of the warranty here: Warranty conditions.

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