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For anyone who is looking for a complete solution for the convenient cleaning of all floor types: the CLEAN TWIST Mobile Ergo Disc Mop Set by Leifheit. This includes a Telescopic Handle with patented spin technology, a 6 l Bucket with spinning wringer, a Micro Duo Mop and a Rolling Cart. The floor wiper’s spin technology in the handle enables you to effectively and effortlessly wring the mop of dirt and dirty water. Without effort and the need to get your hands dirty. In order to stop the mop in its spinning process, the handle has a spin-stop function so it can stop any time. To stop the spinning motion, close the lever on the handle. This makes it possible to determine the desired dampness of the mop cover which suits the floor’s care demands. The new bucket guarantees quiet and secure spinning. Its flat-lying, 360° rotational joint makes cleaning in wavy lines easy - and can even reach more difficult areas, e.g. under furniture. For the best cleaning height and ease on the back, the Telescopic Handle within the CLEAN TWIST Mobile Ergo Disc Mop Set can be adjusted and set to the preferred working height (109 - 140cm). Very practical: The rolling cart, which is included in the Set, as well as the integrated handle holder in the carry handle. This way the bucket can be very easily and conveniently moved about to the place it's needed with the floor wiper during cleaning. Despite the cart's 360° wheels, the CLEAN TWIST Mobile Ergo Disc Mop remains secure and stable whilst the mop is spun dry in the bucket. The moulded handle on the underside, the pouring lip and the wide opening on the handle ensure that emptying the bucket is a clean and easy process.
  • A ready-to-use complete set: Telescopic handle with spin technology, 6 l bucket with spinning wringer, Micro Duo mop and rolling cart
  • Patented spin handle technology for effortless spinning of the mop whilst standing - without getting your hands in dirty water
  • Practical spin-stop function allows adjusting the desired dampness of the wiper cover.
  • Easy cleaning in wavy lines thanks to the flat-lying, 360° rotational joint - even possible to reach in the more difficult areas, e.g. under furniture
  • Rolling cart with 360° wheels conveniently moves the bucket around during cleaning
  • Height adjustable handle to give the best working height and to make it as easy on the back (between 109 to 140cm)
  • Ideal for the thorough cleaning of all floor types thanks to the Micro Duo Mop's 2-fibre system
  • Easy to carry and compact for storing with comfortable handle including handle clip holder
  • Practical non-slip cap prevents the floor wiper from falling over when leaning against the wall.
  • The bucket is easy to empty with comfortable wide opening of the handles that mould into the hands and the pouring lip.
  • Mop sits neatly within the wringer for smooth and secure spinning


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