Regulus Aqua PowerVac battery-powered vacuum cleaner

Product No.: 11914

Vacuum, wipe and dry in one device with the cordless vacuum wiper

The Aqua PowerVac cordless vacuum wiper combines the steps of vacuuming, wiping and drying. It not only saves a lot of time and effort, but also removes up to 99.99% of viruses*.

Basic features

24 Li-Ion battery
Battery runtime
up to 26 minutes
3.3 kg
Cleaning stages
Eco and turbo mode

Using & Features


Removes up to 99,99 % of Viruses*

* Tested on modified Vaccinia-Ankara-virus with Leifheit Universal Cleaner (5 ml on 500 ml, water temperature max. 60°C)


Time-saving application

The vacuum cleaner with wiping function saves a lot of time by combining vacuuming, wiping and drying in one step.


No inconvenient power cable

Removing the need for the power cable and with the device's lightweight nature of only 3.3 kg ensures it is very easy to handle.


Rotating microfibre rollers

Rollers rotate with up to 3000 rpm and remove stains easily.

Additional info

Hygienically clean floors in no time with the cordless Regulus Aqua PowerVac battery-powered vacuum cleaner by Leifheit. This not only vacuums up coarse dirt, but also mops and dries the floor at the same time, removing up to 99.99% of viruses*. You can save both time and effort through this combined cleaning. Thanks to the 24V lithium ion battery, the device manages without the inconvenient cable and is quick to hand. With its slim, agile design and a low weight of just 3.3 kg, it is easy to manage - even in tight spaces. The device has two cleaning levels: Eco-Mode and Turbo-Mode for maximum cleaning power. The rotating microfibre rollers with up to 3000 rpm remove dirt in next to no time; stubborn marks don’t stand a chance and can be wiped away with almost no effort. The water supply can be regulated independently at the press of a button - ideal for flexible cleaning of tiles, plastic and stone floors, as well as sealed wooden flooring. To ensure that the cleaning rollers always remain clean, the vacuum cleaner also has a self-cleaning system in which the dirty water is constantly removed from the roller. The intelligent notification system with “Tank Control Technology” notifies you when the dirty water tank is full. The fresh water tank and the dirty water tank are easy to remove and can be both easily filled up and emptied. The days of carrying a bucket around to clean the floors are a thing of the past with the vacuum cleaner by Leifheit. Thanks to the practical stand function, the device can be stood anywhere. With its powerful battery, the Regulus Aqua PowerVac vacuum cleaner can vacuum for up to 26 minutes covering 77 m² with just one charge. *Tested on modified vaccinia virus Ankara with Leifheit Universal Cleaner (5ml per 500ml at max water temperature 60˚C).
  • Saves time by combining the steps of vacuuming, wiping and drying in one device
  • 24 V lithium-ion battery for flexible cleaning without restricting the distance with an inconvenient cable
  • Slim design and light weight at just 3.3 kg ensure easy manoeuvrability - even in tight spaces
  • Rotating microfibre rollers with up to 3000 rpm removes stains easily
  • Select from two cleaning levels: Eco and Turbo-Mode
  • Individually adjustable water supply at the press of a button for flexible cleaning of all sealed wooden flooring
  • Two-tank system: hygienic cleaning through the separation of fresh water and dirty water
  • With Tank Control Technology to prevent a full dirty water tank from overflowing
  • Easy to remove water tanks for simple filling and emptying
  • Flexible standing of the device thanks to the practical stand function
  • Roller self-cleaning function for a constant, clean wiper result
  • Long battery runtime of 22 minutes covering up to 65 m² surface

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