Linomatic 500 Easy rotary dryer

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The Linomatic 500 Easy presents the Leifheit automatic retraction line proven a million times over, in an easy open design and a subtle turquoise colour. As with all Linomatic rotary dryers, when closed the lines remain protected from dirt within the rotary arms. Cleaner lines, cleaner laundry! Thanks to its Easy-Lift System, the Linomatic 500 Easy opens with incredible ease, saving up to 40% on effort, compared to other rotary dryers. Simply pull on the cord tensioning line and the lines appear. They retract into the arms when the rotary is closed, ensuring they remain dry and always clean. Over time, the lines are automatically kept taut using the range of locking points available. With a total of 50 meters in length, the Linomatic 500 Easy offers sufficient space to allow up to five washing machine loads to be dried in the fresh air at once. The laundry dries gently and naturally in the wind, and it does not cost a penny in electricity. With the longest line length of 1.86 metres on the outer line, the Linomatic 500 Easy fits into a small garden or on a spacious terrace; it is even wide enough for hanging washed items such as bedsheets, tablecloths and bath towels. All materials used are weather and UV-resistant. The Linomatic 500 Easy is supplied with a Ground Socket for cementing into concrete. Accessories include the Screw-In Ground Socket and the practical EasyClip for hanging up to 38 small items. Made in Germany.
  • Rotary dryer with automatic line retraction ensuring you always have clean lines and clean laundry
  • When closed, the lines are stored within the rotary's arms, protected from dirt and cobwebs
  • Easy-Lift System for easy opening with minimal effort
  • Rotary dryer closes with a simple release pull-handle on the central pole
  • 50 metre line length offers space for up to 5 washing machine loads
  • Includes a ground socket for embedding into concrete
  • Made in Germany



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