Mobile iron rest pad

Product No.: 72691

Basic features

25.5 x 14 cm
Suitable for
Conventional irons Tables Commodes

Additional info

Easy-care, non-slip and heat-resistant – the mobile iron rest pad from Leifheit impresses everyone looking for more flexibility when ironing. Place on the ironing board, a table or a chest of drawers - wherever you need it. The heat-resistant silicon (up to 250 °C) protects the surface from possible damage caused by the heat of the iron. The iron rest pad is ideal for “parking” the iron - upright or flat. It is not only a convenient place when ironing, but also the perfect “parking” place to cool down the iron. With a size of 25.5 x 14 cm, it makes it compatible with all standard models. The iron rest pad features a non-slip base to ensure the iron can be set down securely. Naturally it is very easy to clean: Simply rinse under running water and the Leifheit mobile iron rest pad is clean again in no time.
  • Mobile, non-slip iron rest pad for more flexibility when ironing
  • Heat-resistant silicon (up to 250 °C) makes “parking” of the iron possible
  • Suitable for all standard irons with a size of 25.5 x 14 cm
  • Safe iron rest thanks to non-slip base
  • Easy cleaning using running water