Set of vacuum sealed containers

Product No.: 03233

Basic features

Food storage containers: anthracite, turquoise, transparent; vacuum tube with adapter: white

Additional info

Want to keep food fresher for longer without preservatives? That's no problem with the Leifheit vacuum sealed container set. Airtight and watertight sealing means that meat, fish, vegetables or fruit stay fresh and flavourful for longer. With the help of the vacuum tube included in the set, the containers can be electrically vacuumed in just a few seconds. The containers are suitable for all Leifheit vacuum sealing devices and particularly ideal for pressure-sensitive foods, liquids or very moist dishes. To keep the contents fresher for longer, the vacuum sealed containers are also freezer safe. This protects the contents from freezer burn and retains flavours and nutrients. The containers are microwaveable meaning the contents can be thawed or heated easily. The lid should be removed for microwave use. Simply open with the integrated valve. Another practical feature is that the vacuum sealed containers are dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean. The containers are stackable meaning they can be stored easily to save space. The lid has a date indicator to assist with food storage organisation so you always know exactly when you last vacuum sealed which food. The set includes three BPA free vacuum sealed containers in the sizes 500 ml, 800 ml and 1400 ml as well as a tube with adapter compatible with all Leifheit vacuum sealing devices.
  • Set of vacuum sealed containers 500ml, 800ml, 1400ml & vacuum tube with adapter for electrical vacuum sealing devices
  • Extended food life without preservatives, by maximising the benefits of vacuuming
  • Suitable for freezing (to -20 °C) keeping food fresher for longer
  • Easy cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Microwaveable for thawing and heating up the contents (maximum of one minute at 1000 Watt, without lid)
  • Compatible with all Leifheit vacuum sealing devices
  • Ideal for water-tight storage of foods preserving flavours
  • Particularly suitable for pressure-sensitive and liquid foods as well as very moist dishes
  • Date indicator on the lid makes it easy to check
  • Stackable to save space
  • Integrated valve allows for easy opening
  • Free from BPA as well as other harmful substances, therefore 100 % safe