Vacu Power 300 vacuum device

Product No.: 03235

Basic features

White, black, turquoise

Using & Features


Quick and efficient

The Vacu Power 300 boasts a pump performance of nine litres per minute.


Easy to use

A sensor touch display makes it easy to operate.


Pulse function

Even stubborn dirt is no problem for the Vacu Power 300. The pulse function allows individual control of the vacuum strength


No need for preservatives

Natural storage of a wide range of food has never been so easy, and without the need to add preservatives either.

Additional info

Whether meat, fruit or vegetables: With the Leifheit Vacu Power 300 vacuum device, food can be vacuum sealed fully airtight so the contents will keep fresh up to five times longer. This works electrically and automatically – and without the need for adding preservatives. The pump ensures a performance of nine litres per minute for efficient vacuum packing. The pulse function enables you to control the individual strength of the vacuum, so delicate foods can be gently vacuum sealed. The vacuum process can be stopped at any time using the stop button. Thanks to the sonic sensor touch display the vacuum device is intuitive and very easy to use. The electronic temperature control ensures safe operation of the device, preventing the seam from melting. The device also has an extra sealing function and offers the option to vacuum seal containers. A set of 3 vacuum boxes, including the connecting tube, are available separately from Leifheit. To ensure best results, the quality of the vacuum bags and vacuum roll is extremely important. Ten Leifheit vacuum bags (20 x 30 cm) are included with the Vacu Power 300 vacuum device. These are extra strong and provide the best result with their structure. All branded rolls and pouches up to a maximum width of 30 cm can be used.
  • Quick and efficient vacuum packing thanks to a pump performance of nine litres per minute
  • Intuitive operation with the sonic sensor touch display
  • Pulse function controls the individual strength of the vacuum for delicate foods
  • Fully automatic, electrical vacuum sealing device for food of almost any kind
  • Natural storing of foods without the need for preservatives
  • External vacuum connection for use with electrical vacuuming of sealed containers (available separately)
  • For all branded rolls and pouches up to a width of 30 cm
  • Separate sealing possible if required
  • Includes ten free Leifheit vacuum bags (20 x 30 cm)