Vacuum pouches 20x30 cm

Product No.: 03239

Basic features

Size of the bags
20 x 30 cm
Suitable for
Freezing food down to -20 °C
Boil-proof up to

Additional info

For anyone wanting to keep fruit, vegetables, meat etc. fresher for longer, completely airtight and liquid-proof while preserving the flavours, the vacuum pouches (20 x 30 cm) by Leifheit are exactly the right choice. In combination with the Leifheit vacuum device, you have the option to preserve your food for up to 5 times longer – and without the need to add preservatives. Naturally, the Leifheit vacuum pouches are robust, tearproof and have a secure seam. This way you fully protect your food and prevent any annoying leakages. As the pouches are suitable for freezing to -20 °C, they preserve the contents for longer and at the same time protect them from freezer burn. Anyone wanting to cook sous vide and thus retain vitamins, flavours and nutrients can use the Leifheit vacuum pouches. These are heat-resistant up to 95 °C. Of course, the pouches can also be used for thawing or heating up food in the microwave. The Leifheit vacuum pouches are flexible to use with other branded vacuum devices. In addition to 50 vacuum pouches (free from BPA), 56 labels are also included. So you can label the bags easily.
  • Vacuum pouches (20 x 30 cm) keep food fresh longer without the need for preservatives.
  • Professional quality: Robust & tearproof, secure seam
  • Embossed structure for ideal vacuum
  • Suitable for freezing food to -20 °C
  • Microwaveable for thawing or heating up food
  • Boil-proof up to +95°C – ideal for sous vide cooking
  • Free from BPA as well as other harmful substances, therefore 100% safe
  • Also suitable for vacuum devices of other brands
  • Include 56 labels for easy labelling of the pouches