Wall-mounted roll holder Parat Plus

Product No.: 25723

Basic features

Compartment for small parts
particular feature
Extra sharp blades

Using & Features


Clean cutting edges

The razor-sharp, injury-proof blades of the wall-mounted roll holder cut the aluminium and transparent films cleanly. No crooked, ragged tear-off edge and no fumbling with the clear film, as the roll ends protrude from the roll holder after cutting.


Practical, handy storage for kitchen roll

An additional holder for the kitchen roll ensures that the kitchen roll is always ready to hand.


Even more storage

The roll holder also offers a compartment for storing small parts, an adhesive tape dispenser and extra storage space for freezer bags.

Additional info

That is the way, how to work: the wall-mounted roll holder Parat Plus offers in a flash everything that is needed again in between times. Two closed containers offer space for aluminium foils and cling films. A compartment is for freezer bags. In addition there is dispenser for Sellotape as well as a box for small pieces where rubber bands, drawing pins, paper clips or clips for closing can be stored. An additional holder is for kitchen rolls. The wall-mounted roll holder Parat Plus had special blades that cut aluminium foils and cling films neat and precise, without crooked, picked tearing edges and without fiddling on the cling film, because the foil end is not found. After the cutting the foil ends are again ready to hand and can easily be cut. The razor-sharp blades are hidden behind the ergonomic shaped cutter, free from the risk of injury. After the assembly the wall-mounted roll holder can be stored from the front wall easily and comfortable. Remove the container, put the roll in and the Leifheit wall-mounted roll holder is ready for use. It is suitable for all commercial roll sizes. .
  • proven roll holder with space for aluminium foils and cling films, kitchen rolls and freezing bags
  • dispenser for Sellotape and container for small pieces
  • special blades for neat cutting edges
  • foil ends always ready to hand
  • Suitable for adhesive tape with a width of 15-19 millimetres and a length of up to approx. 10 metres



3 Years Guarantee

Leifheit AG guarantees 3 years guarantee to this product from receipt of the product without limiting your legal rights. Complaints under the guarantee must be reported immediately after discovering the defect in the product. You'll find more information for the scope and limitations of the warranty here: Warranty conditions.

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