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Freshly prepared salad tastes best when it's so dry that the salad sauce really clings to the salad leaves. Nothing could be easier with the high-quality stainless steel Leifheit Salad Spinner. The beautifully designed curved bowl isn't just an elegant serving bowl that looks great on any dining table. It also hides a refined and effective drying mechanism. The stable sieve is spun left and right alternately with the easy to use cable pull. This dries the salad gently and thoroughly. Just pull a few times on the cable pull and the salad is ready for dressing. To make the work even easier, the bowl rests safely and securely on a silicon anti-slip base. A pouring beak integrated into the cover also makes pouring even easier – without a leaf being lost or falling into the sink. This attractive salad spinner is dishwasher safe. The guarantee period is 5 years.
  • Unique drying mechanism with right-left rotating mechanism
  • Elegant stainless steel bowl – also suitable as a serving bowl
  • Anti-slip bowl base made of silicon for secure placement
  • Pouring beak integrated into cover
  • 5-year guarantee