Handheld spiralizer

Product No.: 03221

Using & Features


3-in1 blade insert

Three different types of noodle are possible (fine/course spaghetti and tagliatelle).


Easy to change

The blades can be changed in no time and the bayonet lock ensures safe connection of parts


Finger guard

Safe cutting right to the very last cut


Easy to clean

The handheld spiralizer can be cleaned easily under running water and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Additional info

If you want to conjure up delicious noodles simply from vegetables – whether as spaghetti of varying thickness or tagliatelle – the handheld spiralizer from Leifheit is just the right thing. The three different blades make it possible to conjure up different types of noodles in an instant. After use, the device can be easily taken apart and cleaned. The removable blade insert is also easy to clean under running water. The finger guard is very practical, ensures safe operation and almost complete processing of the vegetables. Naturally, the spiralizer is not only suitable for narrow courgettes or carrots, but also wide fruit and vegetables. For example, the device can process beetroot without any trouble. The type of cut can be changed easily with the 3-in-1 blade insert. This just needs to be removed, rotated and then reinserted in the device. As it always stays in the handheld spiralizer, there is no more tiresome searching for individual blades. All parts are fixed together with a bayonet lock. This ensures safe storage without any loose parts in the drawer or cupboard.
  • 3-in-1 blade insert: cuts vegetable noodles in three different ways (fine and coarse spaghetti and tagliatelle)
  • Easy to change the blade type thanks to the 3-in-1 blade insert
  • Finger guard for safe cutting right to the very last bit
  • Safe storage of the blades because the blade insert stays in the device
  • Easy cleaning under running water without any residue.
  • Also suitable for wide fruit and vegetables, such as beetroot
  • Bayonet lock ensures safe connection of parts