Design Aroma Diffuser Bari

Product No.: 68111

Basic features

For rooms up to
approx. 16 m²
max. 80 ml
Scenting time per tank filling
Up to 3.5 h
Ø 11.5 x H 14.6 cm

Using & Features


Even fragrance distribution

Thanks to modern ultrasonic nebulisation, the Aroma Diffuser Bari distributes the fragrance evenly throughout the room (optimal ventilation for rooms up to 16m²).


Intensity and fragrance in your control

Easily adjust the smell of the room and its intensity by using different essential fragrances or perfume oils. The more drops of oil, the stronger the smell


Regulation of the fragrance output

The fragrance output of the Soehnle Aroma Diffuser can be regulated by two low-noise fragrance intervals (10 sec. or constant)


Ambient Lighting

The Soehnle diffuser creates a magical lighting effect in the room with a switchable white LED light (pulsating or constant)

Additional info

An atmospheric ambience for the home: with wellness-enhancing fragrances and the harmonious play of light, the timelessly elegant Design Aroma Diffuser Bari creates an atmosphere in any room that leaves you feeling good. The fragrance is distributed evenly throughout the room thanks to a modern ultrasound mister. Using different essential fragrances or perfumed oils, you can individually tailor both the direction of the scent as well as the intensity of it entirely to your personal requirements. The fragrance release of the Soehnle Aroma Diffuser can also be controlled in two quiet fragrancing intervals - in 10-second intervals or constantly. A connectible white LED light lends a magical lighting effect to the room and provides a sensual ambience. The incorporated water tank lets you optimally fragrance rooms up to 16 m² for approx. 3.5 hours. If the water tank runs empty, the device switches off automatically. The aromatic effect of the various Soehnle fragrance oils makes them especially suited for use in the Design Aroma Diffuser Bari.
  • Modern ultrasonic diffuser for optimum fragrance distribution throughout the room
  • Individually selectable fragrance direction and intensity via use of different essential fragrance and perfume oils
  • Fragrance release controlled via two quiet fragrancing intervals (10 sec. or constant)
  • Connectible white LED light (pulsing or constant) lends a magical lighting effect to the room
  • Automatic switch-off when the tank is empty ensures the highest degree of safety
  • Integrated water tank allows comfortable fragrancing of the room for up to 3.5 hours
  • Optimal fragrancing performance for rooms of up to 16 m²
  • Easy cleaning of the device provides for hygienic operation