Digital personal scale Style Sense Compact 300 Slate

Product No.: 63881

Basic features

Very high load capacity
180 kg
Weight units
Switchable between kg, lb, and st
Batteries included
1x 3 V CR2032
L 29.0 x W 29.0 x H 2.0 cm

Using & Features


Good readability

Your personal body weight can be read in precise 100 g increments on the easy-to-read LCD display (2.5 cm digit height) on the digital personal scale.


Comfortable and secure stand

The extra-flat design of only 20 mm in height ensures that the digital personal scale is placed comfortably and securely.


Comfortable stand

The large tread surface made of high-quality safety glass of the Soehnle Style Sense Compact 300 provides a comfortable stand.


Very high load capacity

The digital personal scale displays up to 180 kg in precise 100g increments

Additional info

The Style Sense Compact 300 Slate digital bathroom scales with their stylish slate look are an eye-catcher in any bathroom. The weighing surface made of high-quality safety glass ensures comfort when standing and supports up to 180 kg. The scales switch on automatically as soon as you step on to the weighing surface and show your personal body weight in 100 g increments on the easy-to-read LCD display. After weighing it automatically switches off, making it energy saving and prolongs the life of the batteries supplied. The battery compartment is childproof, secured firmly with screws
  • LCD screen for easy readability of weight (digit size is 2.5 cm)
  • Extra-thin and flat surface design for extra stability when standing on the scale
  • Extra-large platform for comfortable weighing
  • Very high weight-bearing capacity up to a maximum of 180kg (accurate to 100g increments)
  • Automatic immediate “on” function when stepping on the scales
  • Automatic switching off makes it very energy efficient
  • Anti-slip feet make it safe to stand on
  • Enclosed batteries for immediate use
  • Particularly long battery life of over two years when used on average twice a day
  • Childproof battery compartment secured with screws
  • Easy to select weight units in kg, lb, and st


5 Years Guarantee

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