Standing dryer Classic Siena 180 Easy Aluminium

Product No.: 81151

The clothes airer for inside and outside drying

The Classic Siena 180 Easy Aluminium is perfect for drying laundry both indoors and outdoors. Its 18 m drying length offers space for up to two washing machine loads.

Basic features

Drying length
18 m
Washing machine loads
Physical dimensions
94 x 178 x 55 cm

Using & Features


Versatile dryer

Made of high-quality aluminium, this dryer is ideal for use both inside and outside The 109 cm high wings can accommodate even long laundry items.


Exceptionally light

At just 2 kg, the Classic Siena 180 Easy Aluminium is as light as a feather and can easily be transported to wherever it is needed.

Additional info

The flyweight among the laundry dryers: Leifheit wing-type laundry dryer Siena 180 is as light as a feather and weighs only 2 kg. It can easily be transported to every place where it is needed. The base frame of high quality aluminium is responsible for the low weight. It offers even after years a hygienic drying place for the laundry. With 18 m drying length the wing-type dryer offers space for 2 loads of laundry. The height of the folding elements of 112 cm is suitable for long laundry items.
  • Made of high quality aluminium, this laundry dryer is rust-proof, ideal for use both inside and outside
  • Its 2kg lightweight frame is easy to lift and move about
  • 18-metre drying length provides space for approx. 2 washing machine loads
  • Side drying wings at 109 cm high make it ideal to dry longer items of laundry


3 Years Guarantee

Leifheit AG guarantees 3 years guarantee to this product from receipt of the product without limiting your legal rights. Complaints under the guarantee must be reported immediately after discovering the defect in the product. You'll find more information for the scope and limitations of the warranty here: Warranty conditions.

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