Tall drying rack Linomaxx 320 Aluminium

Product No.:72705

Basic features

Drying length
32 m
Washing machine loads
Open dimensions
H 180 x W 228 x D 100 cm

Additional info

An unusual all-rounder concerning laundry care – this is the Leifheit laundry dryer Linomaxx 320 Aluminium 320. With its imposing height of 1,80 m it is the ideal dryer for large laundry like bed linen, tablecloths or bath towels. Nothing touches the floor. The special quality of Leifheit Linomaxx 320 Aluminium 320: the two times one metre large upper part with a line length of 32 m for approx. three loads of laundry is removable. After removing it one has a practical hat-stand or a device to air clothes on the balcony in no time. Leifheit Linomaxx 320 Aluminium 320 is easy and quick to install and to re-install. Thanks to its rustproof aluminium and its plastic lines it can be used in every environment – inside and outside. . When it is not used it can be folded to fit every niche.
  • with a height of 1,80 m the ideal dryer for large laundry
  • removing the upper part
  • hat-stand that is also suitable to air clothes
  • for inside and outside
  •   length 32 m