CleanTenso Water Filter

Product No.: 11912

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CleanTenso Steam Cleaner

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For prolonging the life and effectiveness of the Leifheit CleanTenso Steam Cleaner: The limescale and water filter replacement for the CleanTenso Steam Cleaner system protects against limescale deposits and dirt particles. If regularly renewed, the filter ensures that the hot steam offers a consistently high cleaning performance to free stone and wood floors, as well as carpets, from dirt, bacteria and germs. The filter can be quickly and easily removed and replaced.
  • Replacement filter for the Leifheit CleanTenso Steam Cleaner
  • Protects the Steam Cleaner system against the build up of limescale deposits and dirt particles
  • Increases the service life and maintains its high cleaning performance on floors
  • Easy to replace and remove

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