Window Spray Cleaner micro duo

Product No.: 51165

Basic features

Wiping width
20 cm
Wiper cover
Mirco duo
Spray cleaner volume
500 ml glass cleaner

Additional info

Window cleaning spray and window wiper in one: Question: a "wiper" suggests a blade to remove the water. I think you mean a "wash-pad". So:- Window cleaning spray and window wash-pad in one: The Window Spray Cleaner combines two necessary operations for window cleaning in one device. Spraying and washing windows and other smooth surfaces is easy and convenient with just one device. The special wash-pad attachment is fitted to the Leifheit window spray bottle and is always ready for use. Tiresome bucket dragging from window to window or mixing your own cleaning solution is no longer necessary. Thanks to the flexible joint, the wash-pad surface adapts ergonomically to the wiping movements - making cleaning from the top to the bottom edge of the window very easy. With its 2-fibre system and specially shaped wiping surface, the micro duo cover is easy to clean and removes even heavy soiling. The practical, rectangular shape also makes it easy to wash narrow windows, such as Georgian windows. The all-round cover cleans sash bars and window frames directly. Brilliantly clean windows are the result. 500 ml of particularly effective window cleaner are included, so you can start cleaning windows immediately. Once the cleaning agent is used up, the bottle can be easily replaced. After window cleaning, the wiping pad can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Together with the Dry&Clean window cleaner, the Window Spray Cleaner makes the perfect duo for simple and quick window cleaning throughout the home.
  • 2in1 device: for spraying and washing windows
  • Particularly flexible joint ensures ergonomic handling when washing the windows
  • Ready-to-use window spray can be easily bought and replaced
  • Micro duo wash-pad cover with 2-fibre system removes effortlessly even heavy soiling
  • Specially shaped wash-pad surface for a more effective cleaning result with only one wipe
  • Problem-free washing narrow windows, e.g. Georgian windows
  • All-round wash-pad cover for cleaning window frames and sash bars
  • Perfect supplement for the Dry&Clean window vacuum cleaner for quick and easy window cleaning