Window wiper Classic Window Cleaner 2 in 1

Product No.:55238

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Makes light work of window cleaning. With the window wiper Classic Window Cleaner 2 in 1, you can do two operations with just one device: thorough window cleaning and streak-free drying - and this at any height thanks to the telescopic handle. The window cleaner features a microfibre cover that can remove even stubborn stains. Subsequently, the adjustable squeegee’s high-quality rubber blade ensures streak-free results in no time — whether on glass, tiles, mirrors or in the shower cubicle. The telescopic handle can be extended from 90 to 150 cm and allows easier cleaning of conservatories and high roof windows. Microfibre cover and squeegee are removable.
  • Three functions in one tool - washing, window frame cleaning, drying
  • Unique all-round-edge microfibre cover cleans window frames at the same time as washing the glass
  • High-quality rubber blade for streak-free drying
  • Telescopic Handle for adjusting and setting to the best cleaning height, extendable from 90 to 150 cm
  • Telescopic handle extendable from 90 to 150 cm