Wiper cover CLEAN TWIST M / Combi M micro duo

Product No.: 55320

Basic features

Wiping width
33 cm
Wiper cover
Mirco duo
Suitable for

Using & Features


Removes up to 99% of Viruses & Bacteria*

* Tested on modified Vaccinia-Ankara-virus and on Staphylococcus aureus bacterium with Micro Duo wiper cover and water (water temperature 35˚C).


Comfortable and back-friendly work

The convenient spin technology allows the replacement cover for the CLEAN TWIST System M set to be spun out without bending over and putting hands in the dirty water.


Time-saving application

The special 2-fibre wiping cover of the Leifheit floor mop cleans corners and skirting boards in one step.


Easy and hygienic cleaning

The Leifheit mop cover is very easy to wash in the washing machine at 60 °C without losing its cleaning power.

Additional info

Leifheit wiper cover CLEAN TWIST M / Combi M micro duo for floor wiper Twist: with its 2-fibre system it offers the double cleaning power. The special bristles stick out a little bit and take the dirt out of every gap. They reach every hollow in structured surfaces. The micro fibres have microscopically small gaps to remove the whole dirt and the water. It can be machine washed up to 200 times at 60°C without losing its cleaning performance. It is easy and quick to fix by a press button.
  • wiper cover for Leifheit floor wiper Twist
  • Durable and sustainable mop cover: micro duo washable up to 200x in the washing machine at 60°C.
  • wiper cover of micro fibres with numbers of fine special bristles which stick out a little bit
  • extremely absorbent, powerful cleaning
  • ideal for all smooth floors