Wiper cover Profi Outdoor

Product No.: 55146

Perfect cover for thorough cleaning of the outdoor area

Thanks to the combination of absorbent microfibres and cleaning-intensive plastic bristles, the Profi XL outdoor active mop cover easily removes dirt from the patio, balcony, outdoor steps or garage.

Basic features

Wiping width
42 cm
Suitable for
Profi XL Floor Wiper
Wiper cover
Outdoor active

Additional info

The specialist for outdoors: Strips of tough plastic bristles even remove stubborn dirt. Whether from the terrace or balcony, whether from the outside steps or in the garage. Interspersed micro fibre strips remove the loosened dirt. Special clips make for easy attachment to the Leifheit Profi mop wringer. Width of 42 cm. Washable at 60°C.
  • Wiper cover for the Leifheit Profi wiper cover
  • Provides for the intensive cleaning of the terrace, balcony, outside stairs or garage
  • Made of micro-fibres with strips of intensive cleaning plastic brushes
  • Clips allow for easy replacement
  • washable at 60°C