Foam Broom

Product No.: 55243

Basic features

Wiping width
34 cm
Handle length
75 - 135 cm
Handle material
Wiper cover

Additional info

Quick and thorough: even finest hairs and smallest dust and dirt particles absorbs Leifheit foam broom Soft & Easy. The flexible foam glides easy over all smooth floors and takes the dirt out of every gap. The broom holds the dust instead of whirling it up. Therefore it is excellent suitable for persons suffering from an allergy. The telescopic handle is extendable from 75 up to 130 cm and enables a careful working position. Sweeping width is 34 cm.
  • foam broom for the quick removing of finest dust and dirt
  • suitable for persons suffering from an allergy because it does not whirl up the dust
  • telescopic handle extendable up to 130 cm
  • sweeping width: 34 cm