Questions and answers about “Cleaning”

  • What is recommended for sensitive floors (e.g. laminate/parquet wood)?

    For sensitive floors, we offer the extra soft wiper cover in our product range.

    The extra soft cover is ideal for sensitive wooden floors for two reasons:

    1. The fibres are 100% polyester so have no microfibre proportions.
    2. The cover has a loop design. This means that the fibres only touch the floor from the side and not with the complete cross section, preventing any abrasive effect on the sealing of the wooden floor.

    The wiper cover can be tested on a small patch to ensure tolerance.

    There are no 100% cotton wiper covers in our range as these are very difficult to squeeze out/dry.

  • How do I look after my mop press?

    To maintain the mop press, regularly lubricate its fibres with an oil/silicon spray.

  • How do I avoid streaks forming on the floor when wiping?

    To avoid streaks forming on the floor, we recommend cleaning our floor wiper covers in the washing machine before first use. This dissolves any hardness around the fibres and helps the wiper cover absorb water better. Please ensure that you use the correct dosage of cleaning agent and clean appropriately according to the type of floor with cold or hot water, instead of warm water. When cleaning high gloss tiles, despite the notes above regarding streak formations, an appropriate polish is generally required.

  • Is the mop press available with or without rollers?

    We offer the mop press Profi XL in two designs:

        55076 - Mop press Profi XL with rollers
        55075 - Mop press Profi XL without rollers

    Please note that the rollers for the mop press are not available separately.
    The rollers are designed to fit exactly and are inserted and fixed using special tools, meaning that it is not possible to retrofit these in a press without rollers.

  • How are the mop's wiper covers cleaned?

    The wiper covers can be washed at 60°C in the washing machine without fabric softener. The Picobello Pads are washable at 40°C.

  • Can the floor wiper Pico Spray be used with detergent?

    You can use the spray wiper both with and without detergent.

    Please note that the wiper can be stored with water in a tank, if this contains no detergent.

    If you want to use a detergent, 1-2 drops is enough for cleaning. Please ensure that you rinse the tank with hot water after use. Any standard detergent can be used, however you should make sure that this is not an aggressive detergent.

  • How do I avoid streaks forming on the window when using the window vacuum?

    To avoid streaks forming on the window, please ensure that the windows are sufficiently wet before vacuuming.

  • Is the rubber squeegee on the window vacuum replaceable?

    A replacement rubber squeegee can be purchased specifying item number 51160.

  • How is the Duster XL cleaned?

    We recommend cleaning the duster under warm, running water with standard detergent.

    Please note that this will take 24 hours to dry, therefore please wait for it to fully dry before it can again be used to its full extent.

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