Questions and answers about the “Kitchen” range

  • How do I replace the rollers on my roll holder?

    Please insert the roller so that the paper is pulled up from above and the roller can roll back when pulled.
    The cutting bar is concealed by the protective plastic strip and can only be seen when you push the bar up. When pulling out the films, we advise against placing the palm of your hand on the protective strip, as the cutting bar will be exposed through pressure.

  • Why should no milk products be used in the insulating jug?

    The background to the note in the instructions is that milk residue can deposit in the small gaps between the silicon seal, glass container and plastic case, which is much more difficult to remove than for example coffee residues.

    The reason for this is the varying consistency of drinks. Coffee is a water-based drink and can simply be removed with water.  Milk is a fat-based drink, therefore it is thicker and not as easy to remove and clean with water.

    Milk residue is ideal breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. To prevent this health risk, we recommend that you do not store milk products in the flasks. This also applies to other branded plastic flasks.

  • How do I remove the lid of the preserve jars?

    We recommend very carefully piercing between the vacuumed lid and the glass using a knife tip, so that air can enter the glass through a minimal hole opening and the lid is then easy to remove.

    This is a single-use lid so prolonged use is not possible. However, the screw tops can be used several times.

  • Where do I get replacement parts (scrapers or steel springs) for the Cherrymat?

    Using item number 37202 you can order a replacement part set for the Cherrymat from your retailer. The set includes three scrapers and steel spring. This set is available from nearby retail stores or also online.