Digital kitchen scale Page Comfort 100

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A scale that makes cooking and baking more fun: the Page Comfort 100 digital kitchen scale from Soehnle not only looks good with its minimalist design, it is also very easy to read, thanks to its large LCD display. Weights of up to 5 kg are displayed in precise 1 g increments. The tare function also enables multiple ingredients to be weighed individually in one bowl. Very practical: the large weighing surface means that the display always remains clearly in view, even when placing a large bowl or pan on it. The patented Sensor Touch function makes the Page Comfort 100 even more convenient to operate and ensures easy cleaning of the weighing surface. The digital kitchen scale can be stored in between cookbooks, in a drawer or hung on the wall to save space. The scale automatically switches itself off when not in use. This saves a great deal of energy and prolongs the battery life to around two years when used on average twice a day.
  • Large LCD display makes digits very easy to read
  • Weight-bearing capacity up to a maximum weight of 5 kg (accurate to 1 g increments)
  • Practical weighing function (tare) for easy weighing of various ingredients in one bowl
  • Patented Sensor Touch technology for comfortable operation and easy cleaning of the weighing surface
  • Large weighing surface for large bowls and pans
  • Especially energy-efficient thanks to the automatic on/off function
  • Ultra-slim design for space-saving storage
  • Anti-slip feet make it safe to stand on
  • Convenient hook to hang scale on the wall
  • Batteries included for immediate use
  • Particularly long battery life of over two years when used on average twice daily
  • Display easily switches between g and lb


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