Fitness Tracker Fit Connect 200 HR with Bluetooth®

Product No.: 68101

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The Soehnle Fit Connect 200 HR Fitness Tracker with Bluetooth® makes every training session twice as effective: it gives you your pulse rate right on your wrist – at the press of a button – and helps you optimise your training step by step. In addition to the number of your steps, the distance you have already covered and the calories you have burned, the attractive, sporty fitness bracelet also captures your entire period of activity. The data are transmitted via Bluetooth® to the Soehnle Connect app. All the values are graphically processed in the Soehnle Connect app in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overviews, making the progress of your training visible at a glance. Thanks to a link to the popular fitness apps “Google Fit®” and “Apple Health®”, all your relevant health data can be collected together in one app. You can set the Fit Connect 200 HR to automatically indicate your sleep duration and sleep phases, thereby giving you the tools to optimise your sleeping habits for more restful sleep. A silent vibration alarm gives you a gentle wake-up call in the morning. On the OLED Smart Touch screen, the fitness bracelet alerts you to incoming calls and text messages, as well indicating date and time. Highly motivating: the Fit Connect 200 also reminds you of the goals you have set for yourself by means of a vibration alarm. The built-in memory is a convenient feature – all the data of the last 14 days/nights are stored and synchronized automatically the next time your Fitness Tracker connects with your smartphone. The comfortable universal armband has a buckle and is suitable for wrists with a circumference of 13.2 to 21.3 cm. The fitness tracker is rain- and splash-proof (IPx4) and can therefore withstand sweaty training sessions. The battery lasts up to 5 days. As an added extra, the real-time HR measurement is compatible with the following fitness apps: Endomondo, Wahoo utility, Sportractive, Sport Tracker, Polar Beat, acentas HR Monitor, ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher.

Find a list of smartphones and tablets with which the Soehnle Connect app is compatible here: Soehnle Connect app compatibility list

  • Connection to the Soehnle Connect app for smartphone with simple operation and full data control. (System requirements to use the app: Android™: 6.0 / iOS®: iOS 10 / Bluetooth®: 4.0)
  • Automatic pulse rate tracking on the wrist by optical sensor
  • Date and time display on the bright OLED Smart Touch screen
  • Activity tracking of steps, distance, activity duration and calories burned
  • Automatically monitors sleep duration and sleep quality for improved sleeping habits
  • Motivating vibrating alarm reminds you of your goals
  • Notifications of incoming calls and text messages directly on the screen
  • Gentle alarm function with silent vibration
  • Integrated memory for 14 days and nights
  • Comfortable universal armband with watch buckle for wrists from 13.2 to 21.3 cm circumference
  • Splash-roof – withstands even the most sweaty of workouts
  • Long battery life of up to 10 days