Set Clean Twist System M

Product No.: 52014

Basic features

20 L
Wiping width
33 cm
Wiper cover
Super soft

Using & Features


Patented spin technology

The convenient spin system wrings water out of the wiper cover, removing the need to bend down and place your hands in dirty water


Spin-stop function

With the lever on the handle, the wringing process can be easily stopped when the mop has the desired water content.


Flat-folding joint

Even wiping under cupboards, sofas and low tables is no problem thanks to the flexible joint.


Wrap-around wiper cover

The wrap-around cover lets you clean corners and skirting boards in a single step.

Additional info

The new CLEAN TWIST System from Leifheit is the perfect system for the cleaning of sensitive floors like parquet and laminate. No water damages or dirt scratches: thanks to the unique Leifheit rotation mechanism the wiper cover becomes as dry as with no other system. The dirt is simply spun out - and this, without bending down, without hands in the dirty water and without laborious foot operation. This enables the extendable handle and the built-in stop mechanism. The new revolutionary tumbling mechanism from Leifheit is hidden in the inside of the floor wiper handle: pressure of the handle starts the rotation of the floor wiper. Repeated pressing influences the individual level of wetness of the wiper cover. The new floor wiper with its wiping width of 33cm is extremely flat bendable and reaches therefore hard to reach areas like those under cupboards and beds. Thanks to its practical all-round cover it cleans corners and edges at the same time. The Leifheit Clean Twist System includes the floor wiper extra soft with tumbling mechanism, a universal usable bucket with a volume of 20 litres and the tumbler.
  • Gentle and damp cleaning for wood, parquet and laminate floors
  • Patented 'spinning top' rotation mechanism within the handle spins water out of the mop within the wringer, removing the need to bend down and put hands in dirty water
  • The rotation mechanism allows water and dirt to be easily spun out of the mop with minimal effort
  • Practical spin-stop allows for adjustment of the desired wiper dampness
  • Handle is height-adjustable for mopping at the preferred working level, making it easy on the back
  • Extra-flat and movable wiper with 360° joint cleans easily under cupboards and around furniture
  • Fold-around wiper cleans corners and edges in one movement
  • Pouring lip on bucket for clean emptying of water
  • Wiping width 33 cm
  • Set includes: Mop with spin technology and extra soft microfibre wiper, multi-purpose bucket and wringer



3 Years Guarantee

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