Connect blood pressure monitors
Long-term analysis through
app connection!

After each measurement, the Soehnle Connect 400 upper arm blood pressure monitor transmits your measurement results via Bluetooth® to the Soehnle Connect app. Graphical representations as well as the colour classification of the measured values provide a better understanding of your heart health.


long-term analysis

With the Connect app, you have the development
of your personal values always and everywhere
in view - you can even export them for your
family doctor. With a daily, weekly, monthly or
yearly view and a link to the popular "Google Fit®"
and "Apple Health®" health apps, the app offers a
wide range of options. In addition, you can have
your average and the rating of each individual
measurement displayed in the app.



Extra-large, illuminated LCD display

After each measurement, the extra-large, illuminated
LCD display (6.8 x 10cm) shows you the systolic and
diastolic blood pressure as well as the pulse.

Systo Monitor Connect 400

The integrated motion sensor of the Systo Monitor Connect 400 warns you of any arm movement that leads to incorrect measurement results. Thanks to arrhythmia detection, you will be directly notified of any cardiac rhythm disturbance that may be present. The device offers 60 storage spaces each for two users and can be used by other people in guest mode. In addition, the average value is determined from the last three measurements. For a quick evaluation, your results are graded on a traffic light colour scale according to the WHO system (World Health Organisation). The adjustable cuff is suitable for the upper arm with a circumference of 22 to 42 cm. Energy-saving automatic switch-off and comes with batteries included for an immediate start.


Motion sensor warns of arm movements and ensures correct measurement results


Arrhythmia detection signals possible abnormal or irregular heartbeat


Calculation of the average of the last three measurements for a better understanding of the blood pressure


60 storage locations each for 2 users for long-term monitoring of blood-pressure - including guest mode


Readings classified according to the WHO traffic light colour code (World Health Organisation)


Comfortable, adjustable upper arm cuff with fit guide for upper arms with a circumference of 22-42 cm 


Soehnle Connect blood pressure monitors
with app connection


Soehnle upper arm blood pressure monitor Systo Monitor Connect 300 with Bluetooth®

Motion sensor for error-free measurements