Soehnle Connect Personal Scales accurate mesaurements, direct analysis

Athletes in training need to be able to rely on precise measurements.
The Shape Sense Connect 200 body analysis scales measure your body values using BIA premium measurements and send them instantly to the Soehnle Connect app via Bluetooth®. 


Stay motivated in the long term                                     

With easy-to-rea

d displays and simple operation,
the Soehnle Connect app gives you a clear
overview of your development and progress –
perfect for long-term motivation. With daily, weekly,
monthly and yearly overviews, as well as the option to
connect to popular fitness apps such as “Google Fit®”
and “Apple Health®”, the app offers you an array of possibilities.


Reliable values

The scales’ BIA premium measurements give you precise values
for body fat, body water and muscle mass
. The body values are measured
using four electrodes. This gives you the most accurate results, as the
bio-impedance analysis (BIA) is based on actual measurements.

Shape Sense Connect 200

The Shape Sense Connect 200 body analysis scales give you  accurately measured
values using BIA premium measurements: thanks to its intelligent memory, it can automatically
store details for up to 8 people without the need for manual selection.
All values are displayed on the large, illuminated LCD display, including your BMI and daily calorie needs.
To give you a better assessment of your results, all the relevant body values are evaluated instantly
and are shown on the display on a scale relative to standard values.





Athlete mode to accurately determine daily calorie needs for ambitious athletes and those in training 

Instant assessment of the measured results on an extra-large, illuminated LCD display


Large platform are and thin flat-surfaced design ensure stability when standing


Additional app features: Difference shown between your last weigh-in and your target weight 


Convenient, automatic user recognition for up to 8 people


Very high weight-bearing capacity up to a maximum weight of 200 kg (accurate to 100 g increments) 

Shape Sense Connect 200 body analysis scales with Bluetooth®

Premium body analysis (BIA) and athlete mode to accurately measure body values

Shape Sense Connect 100 body analysis scales with Bluetooth®

Precise premium body analysis (BIA) with calculation of daily calorie needs

Style Sense Connect 100 digital scales with Bluetooth®

Large LCD display for excellent legibility of the weight