Upper arm blood pressure monitor Systo Monitor Connect 400 with Bluetooth®

Product No.: 68097

Using & Features


Easy connection and operation with the Soehnle Connect app

With the Soehnle Connect app for the smartphone, you have everything in view: the measurement results of the upper arm blood pressure monitor can be checked clearly and successfully (system requirement for using the app: Android™: 6.0 / iOS®: iOS 10 / Bluetooth®: 4.0)


Very good readability

On the extra-large, luminous LCD display of the Soehnle upper arm blood pressure monitor, the measurement results (the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as the pulse) can be easily read.


Correct measurement results at all times

The upper arm blood pressure monitor's integrated motion sensor warns of any arm movement that could lead to incorrect measurement results


Indication of heart rhythm disturbances

During each measurement, Systo Monitor Connect 400's arrhythmia detection detects irregular heartbeats and alerts you to any heart rhythm disturbances.

Additional info

You can now save and monitor all your heart-related data on your smartphone. After taking a reading, the Soehnle upper arm blood pressure monitor Systo Monitor Connect 400 sends your current measurements directly to the Soehnle Connect app via Bluetooth®. This ensures you always have your personal stats to hand, and can even show them to your GP in the form of a graph. So that you can always count on accurate readings, the integrated motion sensor warns you against any incorrect arm movements. Following each measurement, the extra-large, illuminated LCD display shows both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as your pulse. At the same time, the arrhythmia detection signals a potential irregular heart beat. To assess the arterial pressure level, the Systo Monitor Connect 400 determines an average of the last three measurements. Moreover, the device offers a total of 60 storage spaces for each of the two possible users. This means that all values, including date and time during daily readings, can be stored for about two months. Other people are also able to use the device in guest mode, without your measurements being overwritten. Following each measurement, the results are classified using a traffic light colour code according to the WHO (World Health Organization) classification system: from optimal, to normal, and up to high blood pressure. This enables an easy and clear assessment of your blood pressure. The comfortable cuff can be individually adjusted to the upper arm with a circumference of 22 to 42 cm. To avoid additional errors when in use, the fit check supports you when attaching the cuff. Energy-saving automatic switch-off and comes with batteries included for an immediate start.

Find a list of smartphones and tablets with which the Soehnle Connect app is compatible here: Soehnle Connect app compatibility list

  • Connection to the Soehnle Connect app for smartphone with simple operation and full data control. (System requirements to use the app: Android™: 6.0 / iOS®: iOS 10 / Bluetooth®: 4.0)
  • Extra-large, illuminated LCD display (6.8 x 10 cm) for excellent reading of the values (systole, diastole and pulse), even in low lit environments
  • Movement sensor warns against arm movements and ensures accurate measured results
  • Arrhythmia detection signals possible abnormal or irregular heartbeat
  • Calculation of the average from the last three measurements to assess the arterial pressure level
  • Sixty storage locations each for 2 users enable long-term monitoring of the blood pressure - including guest mode for other users
  • Classification of readings according to the WHO traffic light colour code (World Health Organisation)
  • Comfortable, adjustable cuff for the upper arm with a circumference of 22 to 42 cm - including fit check
  • Energy-saving automatic switch-off
  • Batteries included for immediate start